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In- service teacher preparation programmes in District are being run exclusively for teachers working in government schools especially during vacation period in collaboration with DIET Beerwah. These programmes include training in pedagogical act, subject knowledge and basic computer skills. In-service education is expected not only to fill the gap/deficiency of pre-service teacher preparation but it also aims at continually updating and increasing the competencies of the teachers. When these programmes are evaluated in terms of learning outcomes, situation is deplorable in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. At District level, DIET coordinates training programmes of their respective District.

DIET conducts courses at elementary and secondary levels; prepares personnel for Educational institutes; organize training programmes for preparation of soft ware and use of educational technology and as well prepare research workers.

For new entrants in the department of school education DIET Organizes 10 days orientation programme and for in-service teachers there are two type of trainings:-

  • One is under RMSA, Under RMSA training is provided subject specific and another type of training is affiliated with SSA, upto elementary level.
  • Under SSA, trainings are provided in general for a period of five days.

For RMSA trainings, Resource Persons are trained by State Institute of Education Srinagar in each subject and for SSA, ZRPs/CRCs are working as Resource Persons in their respective zones.
All ZRPs/ CRPs are trained by District Resource Group ( DRG) which is currently existing on 07 members.
All DRPs are trained by State Institute of Education Srinagar.

Apart from this, District Institute of Education and Trainings ( DIET) is organizing training programmes subject specific trainings at elementary level.


  • During the academic session 2013-14, all ZRPs and CRPs were engaged in trainings.
  • A three day workshop was organized by this office for Quality Monitoring Tools (QMT). In the workshop, all Headmasters of Middle schools and High Schools were engaged.
  • All ZRPs/ CRPs were trained under Quality Monitoring Tools (QMT).
  • Trainings under Inclusive Education (IED) were given to ZRPs/ CRPs.


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